Emily ⎯ Femme Forte Co-Founder

Emily ⎯ Femme Forte Co-Founder

Hi lovelies!

This is Emily, Femme Forte's Co-Founder. I am currently 23 years old, a recent USC graduate, an aspiring entrepreneur, and a real estate agent. I am passionate about all things health & wellness.

I graduated with a major in Biochemistry at USC with the hopes to one day become a doctor, but my plans quickly changed once I found myself more attracted towards the idea of starting my own business. During undergrad, I also decided to get my NASM personal training certification to educate myself, and others, with accurate knowledge in the realm of fitness.

I embrace finding myself in leadership positions and admire seeing women and POC in those positions as well. That is one of the main reasons me and my sister started Femme Forte. 

We are located and founded in Los Angeles County and our mission is to eventually become a club/organization that meets regularly, hosts events, and inspires women all around the world to be in positions of power. This doesn't just mean entrepreneurship. Women of all aspirations are welcome to join, even if starting a business just isn't for you. 

Women supporting women is what makes me happiest.

With love, 

Emily Vanessa

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