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Femme Forte

Figueroa Open Back Top in Azul

Figueroa Open Back Top in Azul

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Introducing the Figueroa Top in Azul

Inspired by the Vibrant Spirit of Los Angeles: Named after the iconic Figueroa Street, this open-back masterpiece captures the essence of the City of Angels

Key Features:

Softness Redefined: Crafted for comfort, the Figueroa Top in "Azul" boasts a luxurious softness that evokes the warmth of LA's sun-kissed streets

Freedom of Movement: Embrace the intentional design without padding, allowing you to move freely and authentically

Wear the Figueroa Top with pride, embodying the confidence and boldness of the women who shape the heart of LA. Be a part of the rich narrative of empowerment, as this collection highlights the importance of Hispanic female culture in the City of Angels

Three girls modeling on a rooftop in Los Angeles wearing an open back top and short gym set in colors brown, black, and navy blue. This is a front view.
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