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Femme Forte

La Brea Zipper Jumpsuit in Onyx

La Brea Zipper Jumpsuit in Onyx

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Introducing the La Brea Jumpsuit in "Onyx"

Inspired by the Vibrant Spirit of Los Angeles: The La Brea Jumpsuit, named after the iconic street, embodies the dynamic spirit and energy of the City of Angels

Dipped in "Café": A sleek and timeless shade, reflecting the bold and diverse vibes that characterize LA's iconic neighborhoods

Key Features

Cloud-Like Softness: Experience unparalleled comfort as the La Brea Jumpsuit in "Onyx" envelopes you in a cloud-like softness, creating a sensation of wearing nothing at all

Effortless Style: With a front zipper and mid sleeves, this jumpsuit effortlessly combines comfort and style, allowing you to move with grace and confidence

Wear the La Brea Jumpsuit in "Onyx" with pride, embodying the confidence and grace of the mujeres who shape the heart of LA. By donning the La Brea Jumpsuit in "Onyx," you become a part of the narrative celebrating Hispanic female culture in the City of Angels

Front view of a model wearing a black zip-up jumpsuit.
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